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Williamstown Theatre Festival

Summer 2019

A Human Being of a Sort

A Human Being of a Sort* - Assistant Props Master

Director: Whitney White

Scenic Designer: Lawrence E. Moten III 


*World Premiere Production

Dozens of pieces of real and faux taxidermy dressed this set, including a pair of elephant tusks made from carved foam.

The set dressing included a handmade bow, arrow, and target set, as well as a hovel for a realistic orangutan doll.

Later cut, the production originally included an 8ft tall, fully articulated elephant skeleton puppet, featured in the video at left.

Show Photos Courtesy of Joseph O' Malley

Selling Kabul* - Assistant Props Master

Director: Tyne Rafaeli

Scenic Designer: Arnulfo Maldonado

*World Premiere Production

Selling Kabul

This set featured dozens of props appropriate to dress an Afghan home.

32 floor pillows were built and stuffed for this production.

Show Photos Courtesy of Joseph O' Malley

Tell Me I'm Not Crazy* - Assistant Props Master

Director: Moritz von Stuelpnagel

Scenic Designer: Alexander Woodward

*World Premiere Production

Tell Me I'm Not Crazy

Hundreds of pieces of clothing were procured for this production.

6 full scale human shooting range targets were built for this production. 2 replica firearms were also used.

The set featured 6 pictures frames that needed to change instantaneously. The engineering of this effect is shown in the videos below from both the front and back of the set. 

Show Photos Courtesy of Jeremy Daniel

Before the Meeting* - Assistant Props Master

Director: Trip Cullman

Scenic Designer: Mark Wendland

*World Premiere Production

Before the Meeting

This set featured dozens of real, edible snacks as dressing. 

1.5 lbs of ground coffee were used each performance. 

This set featured a draining coffee urn used to "prepare" coffee 5 times during each performance.

More than 4 dozen metal folding chairs were used to dress this set.

Show Photos Courtesy of Joseph O' Malley and Jeremy Daniel

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